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On Doctor Who, Twelve and his companion


I DO love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I screamed my voice off when he was announced as the Twelfth Doctor. I was in London at the Oden for the premiere. His poster hangs on my bedroom’s door. He’s brilliant, he’s been a fan of the show for so long and he truly knows how to portray the Doctor. I…

Totally agree on that one.


50 DAYS OF DOCTOR WHO 50th //  Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver.
→ it can do wood

After many complaints by numerous companions, the Sonic Screwdriver finally got the feature everyone’s been waiting for - it does wood! Altho, the importance of the feature is still being discussed, the most frequent user is quite satisfied. “I’ve said numerous times - always take a banana to a party - and now everybody can!” the Doctor exclaimed.

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